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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  July 14, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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there are days where you'll come up from the oval office and
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say to yourself, what the heck is going on here? >> tonight, the president talks candidly about the job and why he wants to run again. two planes collided on runway of a busy airport, shearing off one plane, crumpling a part of another. and one angry bird that attacked anyone who came near its nest. an attack on a mother and a child, tonight that mother is speak out about having acid thrown on her and her daughter. darcy spencer is in prince gorgeous county where prosecutors reached a plea deal with one of the attackers. >> reporter: the attack happened at this apartment complex a year and a half ago. the victim tells me tonight that she is finally getting justice and we want to warn viewers some of the images in this story may be disturbing. >> she just throws acid on me and my daughter.
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and i don't even -- at that point, my face is burning. i can't see, immediately my eyes are blurry. >> reporter: katrina watts describes the chemical attack that left her disfigured. this is one of her wounds on her thigh, caused when a woman doused her with an acid-like substance. >> you could feel it eating through at your skin. >> reporter: this woman allegedly masterminded the attack. sta authorities say she was jealous because she was dating her ex-boyfriend. the attack happened on march 29th, 2010, at this apartment complex. watts got out of her car and was holding her 3-year-old daughter in her arms. >> i taupe they get everything they deserve when it comes to jail time. i hope they get saved while they're in jail. i wouldn't wish this on my worse
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enemy. >> reporter: anderson has pleaded guilty and has agreed to testify against jackson in exchange for an eight-year zens. jackson was arrested this week. >> i believe that i got justice, i really believe that. >> reporter: watts says her hair will never grow back in some places. she has bruising on her face and blurred vision in her right eye. but she has justice now. >> they worked on my case until they were caught. i owe them my life. >> reporter: jackson is being held without bond. she faces 25 years in prison for each of the two assault charges if she's convicted. reporting live from oxen hill, darcy spencer, news 4. choppers at a store in germantown, maryland, helped stop a kidnapping yesterday at a best buy store. police say a man grabbed a 2-year-old boy and tried to take
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him out of the store. that boy's father saw what was happening and chased after them. he fought with and subdued the suspect, jermaine palmer, said to be 23 years old. police say witnesses helped hold palmer until officers arrived and arrested him. president obama will hold a news conference at the white house tomorrow to talk about the latest developments on the struggle to establish and raise the debt limit. nbc news has learned there are no talks with the republicans scheduled. today the president took a few minutes to talk about a number of things, including why he might want his job for another four years. you have a congress that has proudly proclaimed the posture of "just say no." you have haters out there, unconscionable in their expressions. you have two wars, you have crazy people with their fingers on bomb weapons and others who are trying to get them.
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it's assumed that you want to run again. but the question is, why would you want to put up with that for four more years? that and more? >> well, you know, first of all, i just enjoy the job. i enjoy the challenge of it. it is interesting. you deal with extraordinary people every day. you get to see a cross section of the american people when you're traveling, young people who are starting up not-for-profits, homeless, you beat a mom who's champions school reform in her school. or you see a veteran like the young medal of honor winner who came by who lost his hand because he picked up a grenade to toss it and save his comrades. you meet people and engage in issues that are vital to the united states. and i love this country.
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and the more i see it, the more i know, we've got so much more potential than we're realizing right now. >> reporter: the upside is way better than the downside? >> almost every day. there are days where you'll come up from the oval office and say to yourself, what the heck is going on here? but, you know, that's true in any job. i'm sure you have a couple of days once in a while where you say to yourself, this stuff's driving me crazy. but i consider myself extraordinarily lucky and blessed. if the american people think i'm the person to do the job, then i'm happy to continue to do it. >> reporter: mr. president, thank you very much. >> enjoyed it. thank you so much. >> we also asked the president if he's been able to find his groove in this his new town. he acknowledged having some difficulty getting around. are you in a groove?
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>> unfortunately as a resident of 1600 pennsylvania avenue, it means you're living in the bubble most of the time. if i go some place, everybody's got to get magged and patted down. so i'm pretty disrupted. but malia and sasha are doing great in school. they love the community. michelle has the opportunity to travel around the city. michelle and the girls have fully embraced washington because they can get out of the bubble a little more easily than i do. >> and don't you know on this beautiful night, the first lady did get out on the town. michelle obama and some friends celebrated a birthday at a restaurant on 14th street northwest. word spread around the area and people cheered as the first lady left. to take a look at the entire interview with president obama, we invite you to rudy giuliani says he will decide by the end of summer whether he'll make another presidential bid. the former new york mayor is on a two-day tour in new hampshire.
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giuliani says he's not convinced any of the current republican candidates could beat president obama. when asked what he would do differently from his unsuccessful 2008 campaign, he replie replied, quote, i would try to win. almost as soon as it started, the roger clemens perjury trial ended today. a federal judge declared a mistrial after prosecutors inadvertently showed jurors a video that had been ruled off limits. clemens is accused of lying to congress about taking performance-enhancing drugs. the judge has two choices -- start over with a new jury or dismiss that case altogether. hundreds of people gathered in grand rapids, michigan, to see betty ford buried next to her late husband. the funeral was held at the same church where the former first lady married former president gerald ford. betty ford will be remembered as an advocate for women's rights and for going public with
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private issues, such as breast cancer and addiction. coming up tonight, two planes full of passengers hit on the runway at a busy u.s. airport. a mother was carjacked in maryland and explains how she jumped out of the car with a baby in her arms. and an angry bird attacking again and again, not letting anybody walk by in peace. also, harry potter fans taking to the night ahead of sold-out midnight showings. a lot of people waiting in line for that on a gorgeous night tonight. it is spectacular outside. and the great weather is going to last for a little while. i'll show you just
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two jets were damaged after a collision on a runway this evening at boston's logan international airport. airport officials say a delta 767 clipped a wing against a smaller delta regional jet and damaged that aircraft's tail. no one on either plane was seriously injured. both jets were taken out of service for an inspection. all of the passengers are being put on new flights. firefighters worked for hours on the tracks just north of union station when a train car caught fire this afternoon. the smoking engine car was towed to an area where it was safe to
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pull it out. still not known what caused that fire. no injuries. very little impact on the passengers. a woman in maryland says she did not think she would survive after she and her baby were kidnapped last night. police say a man carjacked the woman and the child at a gas station in baltimore. he then took the woman and her 20-month-old son on a wild ride from baltimore to the capital beltway. the victim said when she saw a sign for northern virginia, she knew she had to get out of that car. >> i really didn't want to jump, but i didn't know what else to do. so i acted like i was putting my seat belt with this hand and pushed the door open and used this leg first and i jumped out. >> reporter: was your baby in your arms? >> like that. >> reporter: neither the mother nor child were seriously injured. the suspect is a man named 22-year-old terence alvin white of baltimore. she's facing several serious charges. still to come tonight, harry
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potter fans taking over the night. >> yeah, the countdown is on for the u.s. premiere of the final harry potter movie in this serious. i'm john schriffen at the uptown theater in northwest d.c. you will not believe how long some of these fans have been waiting in line. and the official cocktail, we'll tell you about that. and
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characters, costumes, capes, oh my. that was just the line outside. harry potter mania taking over the country tonight. john schriffen live outside the uptown theater in cleveland park. john? >> reporter: jim, good evening. the mania has certainly taken over d.c. as well. we are about 45 minutes away from the u.s. debut starting at midnight. you don't see a line out here right now. that's because the theater has been kind enough to let many of the people inside and wait it out inside the theater. but check out this line we had from earlier today. it was just massive. it wrapped around the block. fans -- hundreds of fans waiting out here for most of the day for the midnight show which is completely sold out. more than 800 seats inside this theater.
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the manager told me that the first group of fans started lining up at 1:30 in the afternoon yesterday. now, that was just when employees arrived. so those fans could have been there before 1:30 in the afternoon. warner brothers says "harry potter" is expected to be the biggest selling film in this eight-part series. it's already been a success worldwide with the biggest opening day ever in countries like australia, italy and sweden. many fans said they had to be here tonight because they've grown up with the harry potter books and movies. >> i personally have seen every single movie at midnight premiere. if i missed this one, i don't know what i'd do. i took off work tomorrow. i left early today. don't tell anybody. >> reporter: does your boss know that? >> yes, yes. >> i made these outfits. >> reporter: why the need to dress up tonight? >> got to be part of it. got to be part of it.
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we've always gone out in costumes. >> we're just big kids, that's all. >> reporter: what's it like being around all these harry potter fans? >> exhilarating. >> reporter: warner brothers expects this film to gross over $1 billion because this film is in 3-d. all the fans who come tonight will get a pair of these lovely glasses. jim, i know you're jealous. but there are still tickets left for the show at 3:30 this morning. live tonight here in northwest. back to you in the studio. >> john, you're breaking my heart. i'm consumed by jealousy over those goofy-looking glasses. take them off, john. you've heard the game angry birds. don't you love that game? today, there was a bird angry and aggressive enough for a whole flock of his kind. that bird kept attacking people passing by the gerald ford museum in grand rapids, michigan. the bird was fond of pecking
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people upside the head as they walked by. then it would return to its perch and wait for its next victim. what kind of bird was that? >> either an oriole or a red-winged black bird. >> i didn't see a red wing, did you? >> it's got a little bit of red on the top of the wing. >> i'll have to take a closer look. do they have nice weather in michigan? >> they did. they're having horrible weather in the center portion of the country, extreme heat. you think we had a little bit of a heat wave. their heat wave is nothing compared to what ours has been over the past couple of days. we're seeing a little bit of a reprieve from that heat. but it's going to be short-lived. enjoy this nice weather while you can because i do think we are going to see that heat wave or another heat wave move back into the region. as far as the temperatures went today, it was just gorgeous. high temperature of 85 degrees. what a day. once again, just about perfect for the month of july.
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low this morning around 68 degrees. i think we're going to be a little bit below that norm tonight. already down to 74 degrees outside right now. winds are calm. it is really just a beautiful night. and there's almost a full moon out there, actually a full moon does occur later on tonight. it's called a thunder moon. doppler radar, nothing to show you on the radar screen. not seeing any rain. temperatures already into the 60s. culpepper at 63 degrees. you can see where we're going for the day tomorrow. it is going to be spectacular. satellite and radar showing cloud cover, making its way down from michigan and the great lakes. but it's high clouds, high cirrus clouds. they'll continue to move in during the day tomorrow. high pressure brings us plenty of sunshine tomorrow and into the day on saturday. as the high, however, begins to move off towards the east, we're going to start to see a return flow bringing in the warmer temperatures during the day on sunday and then especially on
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monday. tomorrow morning, mostly clear, a great morning. 56 to 65 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, temperatures climbing back into the mid-80s. a day very similar to what we saw today. a fantastic friday, 83 to 87 degrees. moving through the next couple of days, even better on saturday. high of 87. i think we stay dry through sunday. we get to 90 on sunday. but i think that's a comfortable 90. 93 on monday. and look what happens here. tuesday, wednesday and thursday, we could be very hot with the heat index once again over 100. that may be a couple of days in a row. we've got some potential to get really hot. >> thanks, doug. coming up tonight, a
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i love this opening line. tell them the opening line. >> it's really a tale of two toms at the british open. thomas bjorn, tom lewis. bjorn hoping to exorcise his demons after blowing up in the 2003 open. lewis is playing with house money after posting the lowest score by an amateur in open championship history. best shot of the day from this guy, dustin johnson on the par 3 16th, his tee shot is a thing of beauty. i'm pretty sure that he knew it. look at him stare this thing down. a couple of bounces and into the jar for a hole in one. johnson is at even par. tied for 36th place with a whole slew of golfers. the early leaders but denmark's
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thomas bjorn here on 16. and he had a two-shot lead in the final three holes but he got stuck in one of the bunkers and blew it. he birdied this hole. he's at 5 under par. tied with an even better story. this is the other tom, tom lewis, an amateur. on 17, looking for birdie and a share of the lead. and he gets it. 5 under par, the lowest score ever by an amateur at the open championship. you may not have heard of him yet, but you will. seth mitchell, high school football scar at gwen park in prince georges county. he went to michigan state where he started when healthy but injuries eventually forced him to quit football and turn to boxing. five years later, mitchell is 22-0-1 in one of the premier heavyweights in the united states. he's 29 years old. he's a former football player
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and his power, watching him train in person is something else. so i thought i'd give it a shot. oh! >> won't do that again, will you? >> i did do it again. i'm telling you, i'm still feeling it. mitchell thinks if everything goes well, he could be the heavyweight championship very soon. >> it will be sometime in 2013 if i continue to progress like i have been. >> you have to win, though? >> oh, absolutely, absolutely. >> every fight? >> pretty much, yeah. you're walking a tightrope. you have the potential to make a lot of money. but until you get there, you have to win. you're walking a tightrope. >> seth mitchell's next fight, by the way, is august 27th. all fighters have a little hook. his nickname is mayhem and he has the little green bracelets.
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he wanted me to give you guys these. >> we like this guy. >> he's great. he is such a good guy. >> aren't you glad he didn't hit something else? >> i was holding it so tight. >> you actually did it twice, too. >> still feeling it right here. definitely not smart. baseball now, nine-game road trip for the nats to start the second half of the season. the guys back in action tomorrow night down in atlanta. the os taking on the indians. that's john russell managing in place of buck showalter. jeremy guthrie serves one up to carlos santana. two-run bomb. and the indians take a 3-0 lead. guthrie gives up six runs in five innings. and he has a major league leading 13 losses now. bottom six, os didn't win it but they get did a home run from derrek lee as he -- almost a home run, off the left field wall.
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lee gets a double. the os don't have enough juice for the comeback. they lose their straigt straight, 8-4, against the indians. finally, down to the wharf is where we're going to go. the washington kastles 8-0 this year. coming up, d.c.'s official drink. drink. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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john edwards suffered a setback in federal court today. he'll now go to trial in october for campaign finance violations. his defense team wanted to delay the trial till january. edwards is accused of using campaign funds to cover up an extramarital affair. congressional leaders got together to restore the national flag today, a flag damaged
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following the attacks at the world trade center. members of congress were given the opportunity to make repairs by adding a stitch or two.
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kentucky has its bourbon, jamaica, its rum. in the district we now have "the ricky." this is washington's official cocktail. the drink was invented in 1883 by colonel joe ricky. tune in tomorrow and we'll tell you how to make one. "the tonight show" is next.


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